A warm, welcoming and fully inclusive environment awaits you at The Health Lounge. Whatever your health concerns are; from mild muscle pain, to weight or stress management, we are here to support you with honest and caring advice. Offering over 11 years experience of helping hundreds of different wellness issues, your health is in very safe hands.  

With a positive attitude and solid knowledge of the well-being industry you can enjoy a truly Holistic approach to everything we do. Always looking at the bigger picture and the potential for a brighter, fitter future for everyone.  

So whether you seek a healthier body, mind or emotional state, we look forward to being a part of your journey.



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Customer Testimonials


B.A. Managing director

“Over the past 12 months, Kim has been an absolute godsend. Initially I had issues with shoulder pain and flexibility…the difference she has made to the pain and my freedom of movement is amazing which has improved both the enjoyment and effectiveness of my training. More recently she has quickly and effectively resolved my glute and quad injuries too. Kim is incredibly knowledgeable, positive, professional, courteous, friendly and welcoming.” 


n.r HM Prison Service, Probation Officer

“Kim is a genuine warm and positive person. She is always willing to share advice and knowledge to help you achieve your goals whether it’s fitness, nutrition, or general health. I have visited Kim a number of times both for assistance with sports injuries and as a reward for a stressful day. She is very responsive to your and is enjoyable company.” 


L.H. Office Manager.

“Kim is amazing. I’ve been to her for many treatments, and always come away feeling on top of the world. She provides excellent treatments, which are carried out skilfully and professionally. Kim is extremely warming and uplifting which always adds that extra touch to her services. I always come away feeling better inside and out” 


T.C Marketing Assistant.

“Kim was the big ray of sunshine that came into my life, when at the time life wasn’t going the way I had hoped. I’ve always loved Kim’s energy and a 30 minute session with her always had me buzzing and feeling great about myself!

Since undergoing the coaching programme, I’ve been educated on nutrition to a whole new level, I’m eating better, building my confidence, believing in myself and most of all falling in love with myself.

I just wanted to thank Kim for her huge efforts in supporting me throughout my journey and I’m at a much better place because of it!”