Womens Wellness & Weight Loss Online

I have worked with literally hundreds of wellness and weight loss clients on a one-to-one basis, AND MY SUCCESS RATE IS 100%! Every single person I have ever worked with, has lost weight working with me, therefore you can be totally certain- I know what works.

For the first time ever I have decided to branch outside of intense face-to-face coaching, and make my hugely successful wellness and weight loss programmes available to everyone online for a fraction of the normal price.

So what is it you need to get rid of all your old bad habits, and kickstart a lifestyle that you can maintain for the rest of your life?

Do you dream about being one of those people who naturally maintains a healthy body weight and doesn’t have to starve themselves to death just to lose the odd pound?

Do you hate the fact that you keep letting yourself down and failing at all the usual fad diets?

Have you tried everything and convinced yourself you are going to be overweight for ever?

Do you wish it was easier and you didn’t have to “be on a diet” all the time?

If these emulate some of your thoughts and feelings, then you’ve come to the right place. This service has been designed to put a solution to all of these problems.

What works is consistency. Having that one person there, day after day, poking and prodding your higher self and encouraging you to show up for yourself – again and again.

It’s easy to let yourself down, nobody really cares if you eat well or not! In fact some people will absolutely hate it when you are super slim and feeling amazing – because it reminds them they aren’t taking care of themselves properly! But you know what? I care! I know exactly what it’s like to be hugely over-weight and sick, and have made it my personal responsibility in this world to help others avoid what I went through.

So if you want to continue to sit there with your crappy food, and your poor excuses – please go ahead. This service is ONLY for you if you are ready to get on board and start taking great care of yourself.

My dream is to empower as many women as humanly possible with the knowledge, skills and tools to take amazing care of their health – not just for a week or two – but forever!

What I will teach you is not just about taking inches off your waist measurement or losing a few pounds. For me it’s about adding years to your life and reversing the signs of ageing. You can only do this with ongoing support, fresh meal ideas to keep you interested in your food, and consistency to keep you mindful of your goal, and eyes on the prize.

So what do you get with Womens Wellness and Weight Loss Online?

Firstly lets get one thing absolutely clear.. This is not a skinny fad diet, a network marketing scam, some ridiculous green slime fast, or any other get-rich-quick scheme designed to take your money and ruin your health.

This is 100% honest, caring, healthy eating lifestyle programme that will dramatically change your life. No pills, no miracles – just you, your kitchen and everything mother nature intended for you to eat. I’m going to turn you into a nutritional goddess!

Every single person loses weight on this programme, and if you follow my steps exactly as explained, you absolutely cannot fail.

What’s included:

Delicious and easy to make, recipes come with full cooking instructions

*****Week 1 – The EXACT fat blasting protocols all my clients have used to lose up to 1 stone in your first 28 days!

*****Week 1 – The simple food rules to live by if you want to thrive physically, emotionally and mentally

*****Week 1 -The nutritional formula that will make your eyes sparkle, your skin clear, your tummy settle and your energy sky-rocket!

*****Week 1 – A starter pack of recipes to include:

7 simple variable breakfast recipes
7 simple variable lunch recipes
7 simple variable dinner recipes
7 simple variable snack recipes

*****Each recipe has been meticulously put together for maximum health benefits and no-fad weight loss.
*****They come with almost 10 years of experience of working with hundreds of women and they will NOT let you down!

*****All recipes are perfectly balanced to give you a highly nutritious meal with as many health benefits as you can squeeze into one plate!

*****Every meal is clean, without any refined ingredients whatsoever

*****A food diary for you to keep track of your meals

*****No supplements to buy – ALL NATURAL FOODS


*****Week 2 – A complete guide to weight loss including ALL my best and most successful fat loss tips

*****Week 2 AND EVERY WEEK THEREAFTER – A complete on-going education about food, nutrition and wellness. Each week you will learn new evidence based facts to keep you mindful and informed on women’s health matters.

*****Week 3 – A guide to food prep, so you can be fully prepared for your weight loss success and not get caught out!

***** Week 4 – All my best tips for preventing cancer, diabetes and heart disease

Beautifully clear and illustrated nutrition information

I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

*****No eliminating carbs

*****No missing food groups

*****No hunger or fasting

*****No bad advice

*****No flimsy meals that leave you starving

*****No cheap and nasty ready meals

Just 100% good food, delicious meals and great advice.

And there’s more!!

*****Every Friday, you will receive 5 brand new recipes to add to your collection!

*****In the weight loss industry, Friday is traditionally ‘weigh-in day’ so this is the perfect day to receive your fresh batch of delicious recipes so you have the whole weekend to plan, shop and prepare for the following wellness & weight loss week ahead!


All this for only £29 per month and you can get started immediately!

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Or – if you would like me to oversee your progress and have one x 30 minute coaching session per month on the telephone – its only £39 per month

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No long term contract – cancel at anytime.