“As an ironman triathlete, Kim has been invaluable in helping me to hit my training goals, be race ready and have a speedy recovery. She has the knack of making a sometimes uncomfortable experience, relaxing and revitalising. She is professional, knowledgeable and always positive!” M.G Ironman Triathlete

“Lovely relaxing environment, service with a smile, highly recommended! Whether you are after a relaxation massage, or in need of some healing after a sports injury Kim is the one for you!”  S.D – Police

“A perfect balance of indulgence and calm. Kim offers a unique and inspiring service in a wonderful environment with such care. On a personal level and through our company, Kim continues to support myself and members of the team here a JFM. She ensures our wellbeing on many fronts.” F.R – Senior Partner Recruitment

“I recently had some G5 massages with Kim to help me with a marathon walk. It helped immensely and also reduced my cellulite! She is also extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to see. Would wholeheartedly recommend.” C.S Business Owner

“What can I say? Kim is AMAZING!! I started seeing her for massage and I feel like I’ve actually made a friend for life. She is such a happy, kind, positive person and has THE best massage hands EVER! My husband was convinced by me to try a visit, and has now become a regular. She is professional, experienced and has a wonderful way of putting your body (and mind) at complete ease. I float out of the door!” N.M Travel Executive

“Kim is a warming and wonderful individual who’s knowledge of the human body and nutritional needs is excellent. I have recommended Kim’s knowledge and techniques to various other individuals, who also speak highly of her and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her extensive services to anyone else.” J.B. Entrepreneur

 “Kim is gorgeous, attentive, and has bloody sharp elbows!” Joke – I would strongly recommend Kim to anyone with aches and pains and who needs a sports massage. She is excellent!” K.M Lawyer

“It’s hard to describe how much Kim has helped me over the past few months. I’ve had several different treatments with her now; from a general sports massage on my back, in which she completely changed my life as I can now more freely again and train without pain! To the G5 Massage treatment for cellulite on my legs in which she has given me a whole new lease of life and confidence, and I cant wait to put my shorts on on holiday. I would recommend her above and beyond for any treatment and nutrition advice. Every treatment I have is a pleasure and I always love a catch up with her. She’ll make you feel so comfortable you wont want to leave! C.C. Personal Trainer.


“Kim was the big ray of sunshine that came into my life, when at the time life wasn’t going the way I had hoped. I’ve always loved Kim’s energy and a 30 minute session with her always had me buzzing and feeling great about myself!

Since undergoing the coaching programme, I’ve been educated on nutrition to a whole new level, I’m eating better, building my confidence, believing in myself and most of all falling in love with myself.

I just wanted to thank Kim for her huge efforts in supporting me throughout my journey and I’m at a much better place because of it!” T.C Marketing Assistant.


“The biggest thank you to Kim Wood. I received the body wrap just before my holiday. I felt great afterwards. I always get paranoid in a bikini but not this time. It gave me the extra confidence I wanted and I enjoyed my holiday so much more because of it. I’d never go away without getting it done again.

If you have not tried it yet, I could not recommend it more. It’s not just the wrap, but the service you receive from start to finish. If you are nervous at all about showing off your lumps and bumps, Kim will put you at ease. 5 stars for product and service.” C.D Food and Beverage Manager


“I have known Kim for about 7 years, and have worked with her in the same business and as a client. Kim is an expert in her field and achieves amazing results. Perhaps most importantly she is a genuine caring person, and with this nature, people will buy into her 100% which in turn is a major contributing factor to her success.” M.F Football Club Owner and Coach.

“After persistent back problems, I was given Kim’s number by a recommendation from a friend, and now 3 months later, I don’t know I had survived without her in my life.

On my first appointment, she welcomed me with open arms and made me feel like the only person in the world that mattered, and quickly set to work on my back, solving all the issues I had told her about and sorting out others I had learned to live with. Kim’s commitment to her clients is outstanding and her work goes beyond an hour long appointment; she is extremely supportive and I come away from each session feeling completely de-stressed and relaxed (and often half asleep!) I couldn’t recommend this wonderful lady enough, thank you gorgeous Kim.” H.MI. Student and Gym Assistant.


“Kim is amazing. I’ve been to her for many treatments, and always come away feeling on top of the world. She provides excellent treatments, which are carried out skilfully and professionally. Kim is extremely warming and uplifting which always adds that extra touch to her services. I always come away feeling better inside and out” L.H Office Manager.


“I highly recommend Kim! She helped me free up my back when it seized up. True professional!” H.M Food Prep Business Owner


“I started working with Kim and the nutrition programme around 30th April 2016. I initially lost 1 stone after the first month. This was a real motivator for me. I learned so much about health, nutrients and calorie intake. Logging my daily food helped me realise what I was eating too much of, and not enough of. I have tried diets from Atkins,  Juice Plus, Slimming World, Slim Fast and nothing worked. Or it worked for a short time and then it all went back on once I stopped. I feel I have changed my way of thinking about food. Food is fuel, it can be enjoyable without having to eat cream cakes and boxes of chocolates! Now I have lost the weight I am allowed to treat myself. I do have a bottle of wine and a homemade curry at the weekend. I do go out with the girls and drink cocktails. But what I do differently is; I’m more aware of what foods help me feel good, what foods bloat me, what nutrients I need after a boozy night! It’s about educating yourself about food, as an individual – not reading a book or magazine article written for the generic public – it’s about what works for you. My goal was to lose 2.5 stone, feel better, fell healthier. I actually lost 3 stone between 1st May and 1st October while still enjoying myself – within limits. Starting weight was 12 stone 12lbs size 14-16,  finishing weight 9 stone 11 size 8-10!! I feel amazing thank you Kim xx L.C. Giftware Business Owner 


“I first met Kim by chance at my gym in June of 2015 aged 54. I had been wanting to loose weight and get in shape for sometime. I have done all sort of diets in the past but always put the weight back on.

Kim opened my eyes to clean eating, great food, but no hassle of counting calories or weighing out food. The main thing for me was that I was not hungry and did not have the sugar highs and lows. It was so simple and so easy and the weight just dropped off with no effort.

I have lost to date (30th Nov 2016) 29.5 Kgs. My fitness has gone from zero to being in the gym 6 days a week, from not being able to swim 10 laps of the pool to being able to swim 100  and being able to run 6km most days. My blood pressure is normal from being on the high side and I no longer have to take cholesterol medication, Wow how good is that? My energy is always high and I feel bloody great.

There is no going back for me I have found thanks to Kim a way of life in terms of eating that I can continue with for life.”S. S Lorry Driver


“I had gone over my ideal weight range for my height. Which meant I’d gained a stone over the period of  sixteen months.  I trained hard at the gym three to four times a week as I always have done. Nothing was making a difference. I wasn’t motivated with the thought of joining a slimming club yet I knew I had to do something soon. 

I was coming up to my 50th and going away on a special holiday. I wanted to wear my bikini with confidence.  With the support of Kim I achieved my goal and I’m so much happier with my figure.  

Kim has been an ideal nutrition coach for me. She explains the programme theory and outcomes so it makes sense. The eating plan was perfect for me as were the recipes that Kim recommended for my health needs.  The documents are great reference points.  Kim would adjust my food choices as I made progress. At the end of my 28 days I lost 9 pounds and an inch off my thighs and waist and an inch and half off my hips. I have never been hungry and had plenty of energy. I have enjoyed my food and I’ve experimented with new foods and ways of cooking. With all my new found knowledge and seeing and feeling the benefits I will carry on eating this way. My tummy bloating has reduced which also makes me look trimmer. I can’t thank Kim enough.  She has been a great support and gives you 100% attention when meeting or speaking. I would definitely recommend!”

R.C Human Resources Manager


“I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice with your amazing programme. I had been following another diet for 8 months with very little results, I thought I was eating healthy until you showed me how I SHOULD be eating. Whilst the plan takes a lot of preparation the principles are actually very simple. The changes in myself and my body were amazing in that short space of time. My skin was clear and bright, my energy levels increased massively and probably the biggest difference (apart from my weight) was that my headaches and migraines vanished ! During the programme I had my ‘time of the month’ – I had NO symptoms, no pain, no PMT nothing – how amazing is that !? After just a couple of weeks people started to notice, two people asked me if I’d been on holiday as I looked really well ! – that was a real boost for me.

I lots 9lb during the initial month and 2 more lb for the following week, so 11lbs in total – that’s just 3 lb less that I had lost in 7 months! – I am still following the basic principles, and I can’t ever see me changing the way I eat – there are foods that I used to eat that I’m sure I will NEVER touch again. Kim, you have literally changed my life and my partner is loving the healthy food we eat, he has lost over a stone! I look and feel totally different and I owe that all to you. Thank you so much.

L.L Financial Director.


Kim is simply the best, she’s bright bubbly and always very positive. Highly motivating and a pleasure to be with. I’ve worked with Kim for 3 years, and my whole family have treatments with Kim every week. We have had Cavisculpt, diet advice, weekly sports massage and my daughters have had body wraps. My youngest lost 2 inches from her waist in one wrap treatment before her prom.

I’ve recently lost 15kg with Kim’s diet strategies, and expect to lose more in the future. She is always well informed and has the latest diplomas. She has helped me and will definitely help you.

I.M G.P Doctor.


“Kim Wood is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is professional, knowledgeable, caring and kind and not only will she fix your body but your mind too. She is one of those people you meet and instantly feel at ease and comfortable with, she always brings sunshine to whoever she meets.” M.W. Fitness Instructor and Kids Fitness Business Owner.


“I have been having sports massages from Kim recently to help with an ongoing problem I have in my back and I’m glad to say she has solved my problem. She is by far the best therapist I’ve ever had and such a lovely friendly person. I would certainly recommend her services, 5 stars!” B.B Entrepreneur.


“Over the past 12 months, Kim has been an absolute godsend. Initially I had issues with shoulder pain and flexibility…the difference she has made to the pain and my freedom of movement is amazing which has improved both the enjoyment and effectiveness of my training. More recently she has quickly and effectively resolved my glute and quad injuries too. Kim is incredibly knowledgeable, positive, professional, courteous, friendly and welcoming.” B.A Managing Director.


“Kim is a great help in managing my back pain. The results are noticeable immediately and after a tough first session we’re now into regular shorter ‘top-ups’ Always service with a smile as well.” S.W Accountant.


“Kim has consistently provided a professional service when it comes to general wellbeing, and helped me through injuries associated with rugby for a number of years. I am grateful for her assistance in getting me fit and back onto the pitch and will continue to utilise her skills in the future whether still playing the sport of not.” J.W Property Investment and Land Ownership Advisor.


“Kim is a genuine warm and positive person. She is always willing to share advice and knowledge to help you achieve your goals whether it’s fitness, nutrition, or general health. I have visited Kim a number of times both for assistance with sports injuries and as a reward for a stressful day. She is very responsive to your and is enjoyable company.” N.R HM Prison Service, Probation Officer.