Welcome to The Health Lounge.

Home of all things positive and pro-active to help you love your body and take care of your wellbeing.

Kim Wood
Health Coach, Massage & Nutritional Therapist

The quality of your life very much depends on how well you feel and how much energy you have to enjoy each day.

The aim of The Health Lounge is to provide a complete range of caring and professional health, massage and nutritional services to help you feel brand new.

You only get one life, so make the most of your experience and live life to the fullest with your mojo fully intact!

When you are fit, strong, energetic, motivated and happy you can go grab everything life has to offer!

I will help you reduce stress, relieve aches and pains, have more energy and vitality, balance hormones, think and feel clearer – be more ALIVE!!

If you’re ready to start feeling better in your body, mind and soul, you’ve come to the right place.

For a pricelist and availability please send a message on WhatsApp: 07747 634710