Online Coaching

Thanks to the miracles of modern technology, you can now work with me from anywhere in the world! What an amazing time to be ALIVE, right?!

If you are the kind of person that needs accountability and encouragement to stick to your goal, simply buying a diet and exercise programme or self-help book off the shelf wont get you the results you want. And I am solely in this business to GET RESULTS AND MAKE POSITIVE IMPACT ON YOUR LIFE.

Millions of £££’s a year are wasted on fitness equipment, programmes and books that are bought during a fleeting moment of inspiration, and then left to gather dust at the bottom of the cupboard, sound familiar??

How many treadmills and exercise bikes are there currently being used as a clothes rack in the world? Or gorgeous recipes books packed with health tips are left lying unread on the bookshelf? We’ve all been there!

So if you need something extra – I am the coach for you!

If you decide to employ me as your coach, we start our journey by getting to know each other on the phone, and discuss your goals, dreams and current challenges at length. We will then set out a carefully devised plan to get you exactly what it is you want, and the steps it will take to get you there. Once a plan is in place and you have all the resources you need, we set a start date and push the button GO!

From that day forward I will check in with you every single day to make sure you are ok, and to see if you need help with anything. This is the favourite part of my job!

Every morning you will start your day with a message to bring you into focus with your goal, and keep you mindful of the promises you made to yourself. I will ask you about your day ahead, and we can plan and prepare for any obstacles that may show up, and agree what positive action you will commit to. At the end of each day, I will check in with you again to review your day and help you acknowledge your achievements and be a sounding board if you need one.

Once a week we will then meet on the phone and have a full review, and a motivational session for the week ahead.

We can work on all sorts of goals! From career and education, to relationships and health and fitness, as a fully qualified coach I have the skills and experience to work through them all.

If you’d like to give this service a test drive for free – all you have to do it drop me a quick Hello on Whatspp and we can have an informal chat 🙂

WhatsApp 07747 634710