Inch Loss Body Wrap

Detox – Tighten – Tone – Inch Loss – Smooth – Contour

If you want to enhance your shape, smooth your contours and improve the appearance of cellulite, then body wrapping is a vital component to pop in your lifestyle toolkit! In the space of an hour, you can lose inches from your thighs, tummy, bottom and arms and the effects can last for up to a month.

Lumpy bumpy skin and wobbly watery fatty bits can be smoothed, tightened and firmed up with this relaxing, non-invasive treatment, leaving you looking and feeling amazing.

The detox and slimming effects of our Quickslim body wraps

Perfect as a one-off pre-holiday body boost, or to enjoy as a course of treatments to compliment positive lifestyle changes.

The body wrapping solution works on a scientific bases surrounding mineral and seaweed components that help the body detox, and eliminate excess water in a process called osmosis. Along with compression wraps that stimulate collagen, improve skin elasticity and the smooth away the appearance of cellulite.

How It Works

With all natural ingredients, the Quickslim formula has decades of trusted history and I have personally been using the product with clients for 7 years.

The warm Quickslim gel is applied to the desired treatment area, and then you are wrapped with smooth woven compression bandages, and left to relax for 60 mins.

During this time, you may choose to close your eyes and relax in the lovely surroundings at the studio, or alternatively if you wish to make constructive use of the time, we can utilise the hour to talk about health, fitness and nutrition changes you can make to compliment the treatment and get maximum long-term effects.

As you are enjoying the treatment with a fully qualified weight loss clinician as opposed to a beauty therapist, this is a great time to get motivated about making positive changes to your lifestyle. (if you want to – no pressure !)

How Quickslim is different to other treatments

The secret to Quickslims success is that it is made with all natural ingredients and works in complete harmony with your body, detoxing your tissues and enhancing the elasticity of your skin.  The thermal bandages are the best in the industry and the whole system is manufactured here in the UK.

The gel is clear, with no mud or mess, meaning you can get up and go about your day directly after the treatment has finished. Your clothes will feel looser and your body fit and firm, ready for anything!

Offering a choice of treatment areas such as the tummy, bottom, and thighs, body wrapping is the perfect “quick fix one off treatment,” or for more effective long term results, as part of balanced and controlled weight loss programme.

Every jouney starts with a single step.. This is yours..